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Full automatic precision forming die cutting machine

让ATC-680全自动ITO Film影像对位精密成型模切机替您解决激光成形后切割烧焦问题的烦恼


Product Description

ATC-680 full-automatic precision forming die cutting machine/full-automatic drilling and punching machine is applicable to TP panel ITO shape forming die cutting, FPC PI covering film die cutting and adhesive film die cutting; The size of the punching panel is from 4.3 inches to 11.6 inches (340 * 240mm), and the etcher die is used for high-precision die cutting and molding, with the precision within ± 0.10mm. It can punch the third mock examination at one time, which is three times more efficient. The Z-axis cam structure is controlled by the AC servo motor, with an impact of 8 tons. The PC BASED controller can precisely control the punching depth and curve, and change the lower dead point time to minimize the tool loss, effectively improving the tool life and punching quality.

key word:

TP panel ITO shape forming die cutting

FPC PI covering film die cutting

adhesive film die cutting

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