Product Description

X-RITE 369 transmission densitometer is a transmission densitometer with excellent performance, which is widely used in the quality measurement of PCB industry. It is especially suitable for measuring the optical density of diazo sheet and silver salt sheet used in PCB industry. The calibrated X-Rite 369 transmission densitometer will be the best choice for your film quality control. It can save materials for manufacturers and help you find and solve problems.

Technical Parameter
1、 Measure the optical density of 5.0D film, accurate to ± 0.04D
2、Built in desktop type
3、Calibrated internal light source, with UV, measuring diazo tablets and silver salt tablets
4、The "dot field" function can verify the screen tinting value of the contrast film, copy film or original film, and measure the heavy film and silver salt film

Basic Specifications

Temperature Range


Data Interface

Patented bidirectional RS-232 interface


8.64 kg (19 lb)


Height 15.2cm, width 33.0cm, length 43.5cm

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