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Vertical Air Supply Precision Oven


Product Description


Machine Model


KMO-7A (vertical air supply precision oven)



Special oven for PCB liquid green paint baking

Power Supply


AC380V 3φ 50HZ 25KVA

Machine Size


Internal Dimensions

W 1360mm × D 850mm × H 1280mm

External Dimensions

W 1950mm × D 1100mm × H 2200mm(参考尺寸)



Temperature Control System



Temperature Range

Room temperature+20 ℃~200 ℃

Temperature Controller

VT9626 automatic temperature controller (digital setting, display, PID


automatic calculation) and SSR output control are adopted;

Accuracy Of Temperature Controller


Temperature Uniformity

±2%(empty furnace test)

Machine Action


When the temperature reaches the start, stop heating and alarm; Over temperature stops heating and alarms.



Structural Design



Internal and external materials

The inner box is made of SUS430 # mirror stainless steel; The outer box is coated with SS41 # steel plate and electrostatic high-temperature powder after rust prevention;

Thermal insulation material

Advanced thermal insulation cotton is used, with insulation thickness of 80mm, air insulation and six sided insulation. High temperature resistant silica gel is used for pressing, beautiful and pollution-free;

Machine structure

Double door design is adopted, and the control box is located on the right side of the machine;

Internal Devices

3~4 interchangeable isometric grid racks in the box;

Adjustable air inlet and outlet, explosion-proof door buckle, full open rear button


Air Supply System



The double sides are heated by vertical air supply circulation from the bottom with uniform temperature. The internal arc shape and special air path ensure uniform temperature;


Long axis oven special motor and powerful multi wing wind wheel are adopted;



Black thermoelectric heater is adopted. Easy heating control and maintenance;


Safety System



Overtemperature prevention alarm device;


Motor overcurrent protection;;


Short circuit and overload protection of control circuit; Fuseless switch;

key word:

Special oven for PCB liquid green paint baking

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