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PCB reference hole drilling target machine

TDZ-600A PCB reference hole drilling target machine/punching machine, high precision/fast speed/good efficiency


Product Description

PCB reference hole drilling target machine/drilling machine


Product features:

1. It is suitable for processing various materials such as PC boards, negatives, and lettering plates of different thicknesses and thicknesses without reaming or burrs.

2. The target shape is not limited, and the deformed and incomplete target shape can also be drilled accurately, with reliable quality.

3. Automatic target tracking is complete. The board can be put into the screen to automatically lock the target and drill holes, which is fast in operation and high in productivity.

4. It can be completed in less than one second from target shape recognition to drilling, with high efficiency.

5. Large size worktable, easy to rotate and move.

6. It adopts precise transmission structure and micro stepping motor drive, which can quickly and accurately locate.

7. The industrial computer controller can be used for a long time under anti-interference and harsh environment.

8. The positive or backlight light source can recognize the target shape of various materials, and the picture is clear and easy to handle.

9. Spindles with two different characteristics, high power and high speed, are available for processing thick plates, thin plates, negative films and soft PC boards

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