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PCB Laminator

LAUFFER laminators are mainly used in industries such as high-frequency materials, 5G 4G communication materials, high-temperature composite materials, powder metallurgy, printed circuit boards, IC packaging substrates, etc.


Product Description

LAUFFER laminating machine can be designed and manufactured according to the customer's product requirements. We have a complete solution from laminating and laminating, and we are specialized in providing Germany LAUFFER Company, which is the world's leading technology company.。
The frame body of LAUFFER high-frequency material laminating system uses the pressure bearing design of tear proof structure and the use of German high-strength steel plate, so that the press will not be deformed when operating at 400 ℃, and Germany's fine grinding process ensures that the flatness and parallelism can reach a high accuracy of ± 0.015mm/m, The high-density gun hole roller design of the heating plate can control the temperature accuracy within ± 1.5 ℃ (the 400 ℃ laminating system can be controlled within ± 2 ℃).
Machine Specifications

Total pressure of the press


Closing stroke


Hot Disk Width


Hot Disk Length


Hot disk thickness


Opening height


Number of opening layers


Heating method

Electric heating with heat medium

Cooling method

Water cooled heat medium oil circulation

Heating rate

Average temperature rise 7 ℃/min (adjustable)

Average cooling rate

~7 ° C/min

Maximum vacuum degree of cabin

≤ 10 mbar


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PCB Laminator

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